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finally, one of these that speaks to me and my adoration of the things only found in the cold black sea


The Art of Vintage Stamps

I have a confession to make… I collect stamps. I have hundreds of them. Yeah, it may not be one of the coolest hobbies in the world, but give me a minute and I’ll explain why I do it.

I haven’t gone out of my way to collect them—apart from a few years as a Brownie. We were encouraged to bring in used stamps with us each week in exchange for a dried kidney bean (a Brownie point). I kept the ones I liked, I’m not sure what they did with the rest.

Most of my stamps are from collections friends and family gave to me. A good few are from my dad’s office. They had clients sending letters from all over the world, and the people who worked in the post room very kindly tore off the corners of envelopes, and my dad would take a bundle of them home every week.


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Reference for Liberty Ross’ ‘Home Alone’ Film

Julien Macdonald FW 14